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If you are new to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, then you may not be aware that you are living in what has been called the ‘Hail Capital of the United States’.  With a little research online you will find out that we get severe damage from hail on a regular basis.

With this fact, it is very important that you take care of both; the damage that you may already have from previous storms, and prepare for the future storms that will be coming.

You are here because you do have or are concerned that you may have storm damage, your first concern is to find a contractor that is in the insurance restoration industry specifically residential hail damage.  Although you will be able to find many great contractors that are great at installing roofs and have done it for 50 years or more, it is vital that you find a contractor that is an expert at working with you and your insurance company at restoring your home to pre storm condition.  Here is how the process should work for you.

  1. Find a great contractor.  This may include a top rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Recent as well as past customer references.  The contractor has an insurance policy.  Currently there is no Licensing for residential contractors in Texas, so you may get a refernce from the supplier to verify their work.
  2. Free Inspection.  It is an honor to get to serve you, and any great contractor is grateful for the opportunity to work with you and help with your repairs.  Therefore you should not pay for inspection, and do not sign a binding contract until your insurance company has agreed that you need work done.
  3. Schedule and meet your insurance adjuster.  A great contractor will have met many adjusters and does so as a daily part of his/her trade.  Your contractor will make sure to be at your home during the inspection by the adjuster in order to show the adjuster the damages that were discovered at the time of your initial free inspection.
  4. Once your insurance adjuster determines that you have damage that is covered by your policy, you will recieve an estimate for the repairs.  This is a vital step, an a critical reason why you need to hire a contractor that is a specialist in insurance hail damage restoration.  Your insurance company will provide you an estimate, and at this point your contractor will need to verify that the insurance company has allowed enough funds to repair what needs to be repaired.  Then your contractor will need to work up an estimate as well, to supplement for any differences found- and to show you exactly the cost of the work.
  5. Once the amounts are agreed upon, you will then need to fill out a work order contract which details the work to be done, the time frames, and the dollar amounts.  You should not be obligated to pay any monies up front.  A contractor that is established will not need your money to ‘float ‘ the job.  A great contractor will be able to provide all materials, and start the work before collecting any money.
  6. Now that the work is complete, your contractor understands that they will be sending proper documentation into the insurance company so that you will be paid your remaining balances that the insurance company may have withheld in the form of depreciation.  There are also instances where there is a mortgage company involved and the contractor will be providing the documentation to them as well for them to process payments that they may be holding as part of this claim.
  7. With all work completed, and the final payments in your hand, you will now coordinate a final walk through with the contractor, and verify that you are 100% satisfied with all the work.  The contractor will then provide you with all of you final paperwork, which should include a lien release, as well as a workmanship warranty, and your manufacturers warranty.

The steps above are what you can expect to go through in an insurance storm damgae claim to your home.  As you can see, it is very inportant that you hire the right contractor that is a specialist in this industry.

-We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family,

Jeff Brown



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